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My Birthday Week – Pay It Forward Day

I think it’s pretty spectacular and full of personal meaning that my birthday falls smack dab in the middle of Earth Day and Pay It Forward Day. Yesterday we whisked the family off for a carefree day in San Francisco – the weather, it couldn’t have been more perfect.  We hit up the Sightseeing Tour…

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Happy Easter – Egg Decorating Fun

The kids eggs look almost too good to eat this year! I love that as the kids get older, the experimenting with the egg decorating can reach new heights!  This year we traded in the dye cups and wax crayons for whipped cream and an embossing gun – OOooOOOOh! Does your family have a golden…

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I Heart You!

HEY LOVELIES, we have a winner for the Lara Casey Powersheet Giveaway!! HEATHER BOWMAN  You’re the LUCKY WINNER! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Because I am feeling EXTRA adoring today, I decided I love you all and I love giveaways, so I’ve got ANOTHER ONE I’m prepping for next week – stay tuned! And because no post…

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Make It Happen – A Giveaway

Did you happen to catch the last post about Love Month Resolutions? Well, if you did (thank you, Mom) you may recall me putting into words the personal steps I wanted to take to show my love above and beyond. I was using February as my new month because really, where did January go?  Sorry…

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Love Month Resolutions

Happy New Month! New Year’s Resolutions can be so. darn. hard friends. What if we broke it down to a manageable portion of reinvention. I’m all for waking up each day and feeling a renewed sense of self and making each day worth it. So I’ve decided to make this month – the month of…

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