Baby Madelyne

I get so nervous when I head out to a shoot.  Doesn’t matter what, every single time, I get a little sweaty palms, heartbeating type anxiety thing going on.  I’ve heard of even some seasoned veterans still who get this way and I think its a tribute of sorts to our love and passion for photography.  It’s like puppy love.  You get excited and all giddy anticipating spending time with the one you’re head over heels in love with.

If there is type of session I most freak out about, its newborns.  I have to pump myself up days leading up to it; shopping, pinning, critiquing my old work, and searching blogs and such for new inspiration.  With newborn sessions, I find them each so different from one to the next and you never know if you’re walking into a home with a baby that will sleep like heaven the entire time you’re there or if you’ll meet a week old babe who has no desire to be squished, shooshed, swaddled or pictured.  Babies tend to run the show.  I think I’m getting a little bit better at working the flow of a newborn shoot, but I still have much to learn  they still have much to teach me.

This is Miss Madelyne and like most babies over 10 days old, she’s starting to get a hang of things and has figured out what she does and does not like.  And she really didn’t care for my baskets and fancy set ups and such.  But what she did care for was her wonderful Mommy and Daddy and being in their arms.  Congrats to J&J, Miss Madelyne is so perfect!  I can’t wait to watch her grow!

What an absolutely beautiful family!


just shoot

I have beautiful friends.  And sometimes these beautiful friends come to me with fabulous creative ideas.  And then those creative ideas are made even sweeter with a serene location, sweet light, and sigh… a wedding dress.  I couldn’t think of a better way to start my new year, help pull me out of the crazy busy holiday season, and put me in the right creative frame of mind.

Fellow photographer friends, momtographers, people who love taking pictures, WHATEVER you are… if you ever experience a creative rut or can’t find your artistic center.  Go grab your camera and just shoot.  For fun.  For you.


The Faves of 2011

Ohhhhhh, so much I could say here about this last year.  Without going on and on and boring you too much with just all the things I’ve learned, the fun you and I have had, and the love I’ve felt, I thought maybe a little video would do the trick.

Because it’s filled with all of that.  At first I went thru chronologically and started choosing my favorites.


Not only was it really an impossible task (why it has taken me 11 days to get this video up as it was intended to be a NYE post), but then I kinda cringed at some of the earlier work and immediately wanted to rework it.  But then I stopped myself and thought, nope, not gonna do it.  Not only would it take even more time, but I told myself to be okay with the learning path that I took and see the transition from then, to my style now, as a good thing.

I hope you agree.  Or at least don’t cringe.

So ladies and gentleman, drumroll please….

And the oscar goes to…

I’m kidding, just push play.




The song I just heart a million times over, ‘What I Wouldn’t Do’ by A Fine Frenzy

And no, the pictures are not chronological, not the best quality and some weird cropping, but I’ll cringe about that later. ;)


And I heart you

Welcome to the new blog!

I know, right?  You can’t really call it a blog since there’s really not much to it, but sit tight, I’m working on it.  **IS THIS THING ON??**

Who knew putting my crazy stream of thoughts into coherent sentences would be SOOO hard.  Couldn’t ya people have warned a girl this bloggin’ thing don’t come easy?!!

Well, I can’t think of a better way to ease into it then by sharing a beautiful face.  Over at I heart Faces, a lovely community for photographers, they hold weekly contests for various themes.  This week happens to be Best Face of 2011.  And my pick?  The oh so beautiful Katie.  Say hi to Katie, then head on over to I heart Faces to check out all of the other amazing entries.




Photo Challenge Submission

January 10, 2012 - 6:40 pm

Lisa - Love this composition – great work!

January 11, 2012 - 5:08 am

Adrienne Zwart - Please be sure to add our button so that we can pass your photo on to this week's judge.
Adrienne for I Heart Faces.

April 7, 2012 - 3:36 am

Barbara - cool!

Merry Christmas Baby!

I was just winding down my season; sent off the last prints to my lab, checking on shipments of Christmas cards, and finally getting to my own holiday shopping, probably mid-pour of a glass of zin when I get a text message.

There’s a new baby!  And they’ll be in town for just a few days!


Now I know I chastised a bunch of my friends and clients for not booking their shoots earlier in the season, but babies can’t wait.  They’re cute, cuddly, can arrive at any moment, and they don’t stay small for long.  So before I leave you with a little eye candy of some of Baby Jillian’s kissable toes and  beautiful back fuzz (oh I love me some toes and fuzz), lemme just remind you all of a few things.

1. Newborn shoots are best done sometime during the first 10 days of life – so put the photographers name on your hospital call list, won’t you dear?

2. For you the rest of you, Fall/Holiday is THE SINGLE MOST BUSY time of year for photographers, so you best get your name on the list by October.  Mmmhmm, you heard right… October.  You want that Christmas card shot, you better start brainstorming and booking at the end of summer.

And now, the eye candy you all really came here for.  XOXO