June Wedding Series : Wedding Make-up Must-Haves… And a GIVEAWAY!

I am all super giddy, girly excited for today’s special guest blog post, from none other than the beautiful and creative, Cameron Alexis!  You don’t wanna miss the AMAZING giveaway at the end of her post where you can WIN some of the most popular items she recommends for Bride’s on their wedding day!  Yes, WIN them!

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Every Bride wants to feel and look her absolute best on her wedding day.  It’s her one big day to shine and feel the most beautiful, radiant, and flawless.  With so many details that go into a wedding, it can be difficult to remember the tiny details that can be essential for the bride. Whether you choose to hire a makeup artist or not, be sure you test out your bridal look months before your big day.  That will allow you to change and adjust any details, and also to ask family and friends what they think of your ‘wedding day look.’

When a Bride calls me to book a trial run, I like to recommend they plan on having a bridal shower or bachelorette party the same day.  This way, they will be in multiple photos with their look – take some selfies! –  and they will have their closest friends or family around them to offer feedback.

These are my TOP 5 GO TO products for every bride who wants to make sure she is looking and feeling her absolute best:

The biggest and most frequent concern that Brides tell me they face is their bags under their eyes.  Typically a concealer can fix that on a day to day basis, but considering most of us don’t sleep the night before our wedding, we need to bust out the big guns.

So my first product recommendation is… Preparation H!  This is a little pageant secret that I brought with me to the makeup world and it works wonders!  Try just a little under the eye area, making sure not to get too close to the actual eye, and gently pat with your ring finger to the affected area.  It starts working pretty quickly, but 20 minutes or so usually does the trick.

Second, is my MAC paint pots.  These little babies are fabulous little eyeshadow primers that keep all of your shadow in place and will keep ANYTHING from creasing. They are divine.

Next, the skin is one of the most important things for a Bride on her wedding day.  By using a translucent HD powder, you blur out any fine lines and large pores creating an airbrush effect. One of my favorites is the MAC Prep and Prime pressed translucent powder.  It was created for HD Television, but a favorite for makeup artists everywhere.

Any of my clients that know me know that I’m an eyebrow fanatic.  They absolutely frame the face and bring so much more detail and focus to the eyes.  I have a lot of love for a lot of different eyebrow products, but one of my little secrets is a cheapie found at ULTA.  In their Essence line, they carry a few universal brow pencils that withstand heat, sweat, and long days.  They come with a nifty little brush on the end that allows to tame those little brow hairs.  But the best part of all, they are only $1.99, so a good staple to keep stocked for your makeup bag.

Lastly, a Brides smile is one of THE most important features on her wedding day.  Her soon to be hubby will thank her when she doesn’t transfer all of her lipstick onto him after they say their ‘I Do’s.’  I am an artist that does not touch up throughout the day and fix my makeup, so I need a great lip product that will stay put through eating and drinking.  My absolute favorite product in my kit would be my Pro Long Wear Lip Liners by MAC.  They come in a variety of colors and have the staying power like no other.  After I fill in the entire lip, I finish a brides pucker with a light lipgloss to add a sexy and stay put sheen.

And the part you lovelies have been waiting for!  One winner will be chosen to receive their own mini kit of must-haves which includes:
One (1) set of Ardell Natural Demi Wispies false lashes
One (1) MAC pro longwear lip pencil in Nice n’ Spicy
One (1) MAC pro longwear paint pot in soft ochre.
And leave a comment telling us what is one of
YOUR favorite makeup staples!
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June 4, 2014 - 8:53 pm

Kelly Rodriguez - she’s gorgeous!

May Wedding Series : All About Bridal Hair and a GIVEAWAY!

Up-do, half up, chignon, braid, loose, ballerina bun.. oh my!

Choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day can rank up there with picking out your wedding dress – the hair is just THAT important!

You not only want a style that flatters you and works with your hair type, but you want something that looks great from every angle and will last all day!

While there are no hard and fast rules to deciding what YOU ultimately want, there are some tips that can help you in the process.

:6-12 months before your wedding:

Once you’ve chosen your dress, consider the accessories.  Will you wear a veil?  A chunky necklace?  Some hairstyles will work better than others when there is a veil or larger accessories involved.

Next, consider your theme.  Is your event more glamorous, or retro? Or are you celebrating with a more rustic or boho vibe?

Then… find hair inspiration and make note.  Hello, Pinterest!

Inspiring images by Erich McVey

:3-6 months before your wedding:

Decide on a stylist and have a hair trial. This is a MUST!  It is your only opportunity to ensure you know just how long is required for your style and whether or not your stylist and you are on the same page.

Bring your hair accessories, as well as images of your dress and hairstyles you are considering.

Have someone take pictures of your style from every angle.  You want to be pleased with it in every angle of your wedding images!

The hair (or makeup) trial could be a great opportunity to have an engagement or bridal photography session!

:Weeks leading up to the wedding:

Don’t make any drastic cuts to your hair, but do have a trim.

Schedule your color appointment about a week before your wedding and be sure to get those grays covered.

Deciding whether or not to have shampooed hair on the day of your wedding is a personal choice and depends on your hair type, but typically, day-old hair will have great texture for styling and keeping that style all day!

The last bit of advice to you lovely brides is this:  stress can greatly affect your skin and hair – even cause hair to fall out! – so remember to take time for yourself during all the planning!

And now for the fun you’ve been waiting for…


One lucky winner will receive this gorgeous bit o’ sparkle!  Courtesy of Simply Bridal, it is a rhinestone headpiece in a rhombic pattern.  What I adore most is that it looks great worn as a head band, brow band or how about even wrapped at the base of a beautiful ballerina bun.  I hope it becomes the finishing touch for some lucky Bride out there!


Model: Bride-to-Be Monica

Makeup and Hair: Cameron Alexis






telling my YOUR favorite WEDDING HAIRSTYLE!

Winner chosen at


May 30, 2014 - 1:17 pm

Kelly Rodriguez - Loose bun 1920′s style!

May 31, 2014 - 12:39 am

Jessica Eapen - i liked both facebooks, and i like simple loose curls!

May 31, 2014 - 1:31 am

Veranda Hillard - I liked on Facebook! I want a short, wavy cut for my big day with a beautiful headpiece like this to jazz it up!

May 31, 2014 - 2:26 am

Shannon George - Hi Lady! After our shoot, I’m thinking down and curly.

June 2, 2014 - 7:01 am

Melissa L - I’m wearing my hair to the side

June 2, 2014 - 7:10 am

manda - I like both… love down and flowing

May Wedding Series – Utilizing Spring Blooms

Spring’s flowers are a bright and cheerful bunch. Just take a look around you!  There are plenty of pinks, purples and blues blossoming everywhere during this time of year. Yet, just because a flower blooms in the spring, does not necessarily mean that it will make the perfect flower for a wedding. Brides will want to take into consideration a few things such as the stem, the longevity and the look of a flower before casting it as a major role in their wedding.

For Wedding Arrangements

Flower arranging is a long, lost art form. This is because it isn’t simply enough for a flower to be pretty, it also has to be functional. This is why florists have a list of certain spring flowers they love to use in their arrangements. Choosing the right spring blooms will lend a soft look and easy fragrance to any wedding.

Arrangement by Floradanica

Best Spring flowers for wedding arrangements:

Stock – beautiful and fragrant, this flower combines well with less fragrant flowers.

Peony – It’s available just about everywhere in the spring and is a bridal favorite. It is fragrant and comes in a variety of shades which makes it very versatile.

For Wedding Bouquets

Whether attending wedding after wedding or searching endlessly for your own bouquet inspiration, the styles can tend to blend and look the same. Fortunately, brides have been breaking away from, say, an all-white or all-red bouquet and have started to truly personalize their bouquets. Spring brides know some of the most beautiful blooms are in season and take advantage!

Christine Choi

Best Spring flowers for wedding bouquets:

Columbine – Columbine’s beautiful blue works well in a more casual, wildflower focused bouquet.

Freesia – Freesias are stunning flowers that work beautifully in just about any type of bouquet. They are lush and come in a variety of colors.  And their smell – divine!

Supporting Cast Members

Not every flower can take center stage in an arrangement, which is why there are supporting cast members, known as filler flowers. Now, don’t shake your head or turn them away, because those filler flowers make the showstoppers stand out and create a fuller, more extravagant bouquet or arrangement.

The best Spring flowers for the position of supporting cast member:

Gypsophilia – Gypsophilia is a beautiful stark white flower with plenty of blossoms which are spread out. Perfect for utilizing them in centerpieces.

Solidago – The green solidago is fantastic for huppas and creating arches.

Spring is abundant with flowers ripe for the picking and it would be an utter waste to not take advantage of them. From the variety of colors to choose from and the combinations of styles they can create, spring Brides have their luck of the flower draw!

-Guest Post content courtesy of Simply and Christine Choi