Wednesday’s Threads: Maternity Wear

This edition of what to wear  is an extra special one for my mommies-to-be!

I know we can go from feeling voluptuous and majestical to feeling just plain round and dowdy – and sometimes that’s within minutes – so to help you focus on finding what you wear best, here are a few tips:

1. You want the clothing to fit.  Don’t be tempted to hide or cover in bulk.  Flaunt the bump!

2. Ruching and stretch fabrics are your best friend.  You can often find these on regular items that will work for most, if not all, of your pregnancy.

3. Get creative!  There’s a good chance that between borrowing from friends, buying just a few basic maternity items and working with your non-pregnant clothes, you can complete a wardrobe that you feel good in!

4. Think color and texture!  Don’t be tempted to hide in all over black, it can do the opposite of what you wish by hiding your shape.

5. Accessorize!  Cute belts draw the eye to the belly and help to create a waistline and statement necklaces bring the focus up to a glowing face!

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And just in case you needed a little bit MORE inspiration, here are some of my beautiful clients who hit a home run with their styling!




I Heart You!

HEY LOVELIES, we have a winner for the Lara Casey Powersheet Giveaway!!


You’re the LUCKY WINNER!


Because I am feeling EXTRA adoring today, I decided I love you all and I love giveaways, so I’ve got ANOTHER ONE I’m prepping for next week – stay tuned!

And because no post is right without a photo, check out these lace leggings I made for sweet little Harper.

I just adore the way they turned out!  Now I’ve become OBSESSSED with bettering my sewing skills.  I mean, think of the possibilities!

And finally, I want to see what you all received from your Valentine’s today!  One of my Valentine’s gifted me hot wheels and a hedgehog stuffed animal!  It’s probably not who you think it is!  Come on over to Instagram and I’ll share the gift-giver!




Baby L is for Love!

It’s just over 12 hours til the MAKE IT HAPPEN contest ends, did you get a chance to enter yet?  You can find the details over here!

Be sure to check back in tomorrow morning to find the winner – someone gets an extra special Valentine from me!

For the rest of you loves, I made this little V-Day soundtrack – check it out.

And while you’re listening, peek at this super beautiful family with their newest addition.

I mean, hello pretty people!

Aren’t daddy tickles the best?!

Little Miss L was very serious and very awake for most of our time together.  Naturally curious already.