Baby L is for Love!

It’s just over 12 hours til the MAKE IT HAPPEN contest ends, did you get a chance to enter yet?  You can find the details over here!

Be sure to check back in tomorrow morning to find the winner – someone gets an extra special Valentine from me!

For the rest of you loves, I made this little V-Day soundtrack – check it out.

And while you’re listening, peek at this super beautiful family with their newest addition.

I mean, hello pretty people!

Aren’t daddy tickles the best?!

Little Miss L was very serious and very awake for most of our time together.  Naturally curious already.


Happy 1st Birthday Gunner!

I leap at ANY opportunity I can to work with this sweet family!

I mean, first of all they are incredibly adorable.

And secondly, mom has spectacular taste and an amazing eye for detail.

For her little man’s first birthday session, she had planned a vintage carnival theme, complete with candied apples and popcorn!

His outfit, his expressions, his big sweet eyes.

I melt!

Check out the menagerie of gold animals!  I suddenly feel as though I need a set of my own!

Gunner can you make the sound an elephant makes?

Like a pro!

Gunner’s mama made this sweet cake just for his session!

But apparently, rocks were cooler than cake!

Well, I will attest to the fact that mama did a fabulous job!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday little man!

Candied apples from here  / clothing from here  /  custom bow tie from here

and in case you wanted to see more of my sweet little friend, he is here and in mama’s belly here


Make It Happen – A Giveaway

Did you happen to catch the last post about Love Month Resolutions?

Well, if you did (thank you, Mom) you may recall me putting into words the personal steps I wanted to take to show my love above and beyond.

I was using February as my new month because really, where did January go?  Sorry New Years Resolutions,  I meant well, but planning for this whole year was daunting.

As I planned my goals out just for the month, I came across these amazing powersheets from the Lara Casey Shop.  And it was like, hello!  You’re speaking my language Lara, dear friend I’ve never met.

I mean, if amazing prompts and pretty paper doesn’t help you achieve lofty goals, I don’t know what will?

So to encourage you, I’m giving away a free set of powersheets to one lucky reader!  Keep your eye out for how to enter at the bottom of the post.

What I LOVE about this product:

1. It breaks your goals down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks.  Gets real specific, which I love!

2. It prompts you to get real personal with fears on goal-setting and what has/not been working for you.

3. It’s incredibly positive throughout and makes you feel like you could take over the world!

And in case you’re keeping tabs on me, here are some ways I’ve met my goals this week:

1. The first wave of thinking of you cards went out to my lovely clients, both past and future.  I just love pretty paper goods – almost as much as I love my clients.

2. Shared the joy of giving to others with my kids.  They helped create little appreciation gifts for the PTA volunteers at their school.  They also are taking part in making loom bracelets for a group that will travel to Uganda in May and will share the bracelets with the local school children.  My daughter has become so impassioned with this idea that she’s rallied her class – and possibly her entire school – to sending bracelets to the kids!

3. If I wasn’t already excited to have a giveaway for you all, that desire was especially fueled by a giveaway I entered… and won!  I’d like to thank the generous family behind Green Thumb Barbers for winning tickets to the new Lego Movie!  So now, let the paying it forward begin.  Go enter!

Winner will be announced at 12 noon PST on Valentine’s Day!


February 13, 2014 - 9:11 pm

Baby L is for Love! » NORTHERN CALIFORNIA WEDDING & LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY / SWEET MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY - [...] It’s just over 12 hours til the MAKE IT HAPPEN contest ends, did you get a chance to enter yet?  You can find the details over here! [...]

Love Month Resolutions

Happy New Month!

New Year’s Resolutions can be so. darn. hard friends.

What if we broke it down to a manageable portion of reinvention.

I’m all for waking up each day and feeling a renewed sense of self and making each day worth it.

So I’ve decided to make this month – the month of LOVE – all about taking little steps to show it.

Some love resolutions, if you will.

And here is it:

1.  Remind myself that LOVING and caring for myself regularly is not only okay, but it is crucial.  Why is this so easy to forget, friends?

2.  Love on my family DAILY.  The hustle can be crazy ya’ll, but I can’t forget to show how much I cherish my amazing life-sidekicks.

3.  Send my HEART to all of my clients and coworkers.  I want to find personal ways to let my clients know how much they mean to me and lift up and encourage all of my amazing industry peers.  Because, yeah, they’re just THAT incredible to me.

So what do you say?  Want to set out with me and turn hallmark, chocolate gooeyness into a tangible love fest?  Do you have some fun ideas to share on how to show your love to yourself, family or friends?

Here are some things I dreamed up so far:

1. Handwritten letters to all of my clients.  Email totally works but the art and joy of a  note in the mail is, sigh… just so worth it.

2. A quick uplifting ‘thinking of you’ note to an industry friend on the regular.  When you’re a photographer, good chance is you work long hours in a cubicle built for one.  I love shrinking that big world and making it feel cozy with an unexpected “hi, you’re doing great things!”

3. I started putting silly jokes in my kids lunch boxes.  I love the personal notes us mom’s sneak in there for them to find.  These in particular they love to share with their friends!

4. Committing to one night a week of completely unplugged date nights with the hubs.  You think after 10 years we would have this down.  But, alas!

5.  I started a sugar detox a few weeks ago and WOW, do I feel like a new person!

Okay, that’s it for now!  I can’t wait to see your ideas and to share with you all the exciting things that come about this month!





February 7, 2014 - 6:00 am

Make It Happen – A Giveaway » NORTHERN CALIFORNIA WEDDING & LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY / SWEET MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY - [...] Did you happen to catch the last post about Love Month Resolutions? [...]