Twosday Blog Link Up: Crushin’ On…

You should come by and smell my house right now, it smells divine.

Thanks to Kelley and her hand poured yummy Candelles.

That there is Fig and Sugar, in case you were wondering.  And Lavender and Sage tarts are warming up in my bathroom right now.


Speaking of swoon.  Yellow Bungalow Shop.

I heart you.

These are in my office now but intended location will be either the kids bathroom, their hallway or maybe my daughter’s room.

Decisions, decisions…

Maybe I will just have to grab more!

Before we go shopping, be sure to head on by my friend Stephanie’s blog and sigh over her film edits with me, won’t you?



Twentieth Street
January 7, 2014 - 9:54 pm

Danyel Conolley - I heart the boots. And i feel like eating the candles.

Jeff + Ashley: Vacaville Engagement Portraits

I suppose my time had come.

With all the time I spend wandering back roads and traveling open spaces, I was due.

Due to encounter all that nature has to offer, like ticks, stinging nettle, crazy raccoons, and snakes.

You know, large, quick king snakes.


Jeff + Ashley, Duke and Jaxson, you know I sincerely adore you when I don’t go fleeing in the opposite direction and cancel the shoot when a snake decides to photobomb.

But don’t worry friends, we steered clear and no cute couples or pups were harmed in the making of these photos.


Luca Turns 2: Napa Valley Portraits

You may not know that I challenge 2 year olds to sword fighting duels and dig for bugs on photoshoots.

It comes free with the session.

The cutie on the blog today is my friend, Luca.  He turned 2 and I had the joy of capturing all the fun that is a 2 year old.

But first, I had to share a little recap of Luca’s early years.

It doesn’t get more classic than, ‘where’s your nose?’ and ‘show me your muscles!’

See, told you I sword fight.

Don’t worry, I let him win.

Cool cat to the tenth degree.

And of course every birthday needs a cupcake!

Thanks for partying with me Luca boo!